East of England Vistage Executive Summit

Join over 200 CEOs, MDs and senior business leaders in a half day workshop with a world-class Vistage speaker where you will get the chance to meet and network with Vistage members and business leaders from around the UK.

Learn a framework in innovation and influence that will show you how to become the #1 choice in crowded industries. Gerry will show you how to create disruptive strategies and messaging to attract your ideal customers, and how to leverage change to create unique competitive advantages making you the clear choice in your industry.

Your customers may be interested in your why and engaged by your story, but they BUY YOUR BECAUSE.

Gerry’s keynote will be a fun, thought-provoking dialogue that includes four critical questions you should be asking to stand out in the sea of sameness. It is packed with strategies and case studies from multiple industries that you can leverage regardless if you’re B to B or B to C.

Gerry O’Brion is a strategy and branding expert who has worked on several billion-dollar brands and distilled that experience into a framework that will challenge your thinking about why customers buy, and how they make referrals.

Value to members

  • Four steps to becoming the #1 choice.
  • The power of your BECAUSE.
  • Strategies for navigating disruptive change.
  • Creating alignment around innovation strategies.
  • How to be different when you seem the same.
  • Driving more referrals.

Event Fees

This event is free to Vistage members.
Colleagues of Vistage members: £99 +VAT
Vistage alumni: £150 +VAT
Vistage guests: £195 +VAT

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