Future Human Behaviour and Your Business Strategy

Everybody knows the future is digital:  IOT, automation, robotisation, big data etc. But how will people respond? Is human behaviour in sync with the rapid developments in technology? Join over 100 CEOs, MDs and senior business leaders at 200 SVS Glasgow to hear Thimon de Jong talk on the future of human behaviour and your business strategy.

Is your organisation ready for the future? Is your innovation strategy lined up for future change?

Thimon is an expert on future trends and business strategy. He works for clients like Morgan Stanley, Vodafone, Ikea and Microsoft. Also he works extensively with Tetra Pak and the Coop supermarket group. Thimon will deep dive into key societal shifts that will impact your business strategy for years to come.

Including insights on:

Digital Balance
The whole of society is increasingly looking for a sane ‘digital balance’ in their lives. The youngest generations are virtually addicted to being connected – but at the same time they are the first ones that are disconnecting as well. As the next wave of tech (internet of things, wearables, robotics) has only just started, how can we expect people to respond? And: how can business stay ‘human’ in this rapid digitalisation?

Smart Customisation and The Privacy Frontier.
The tech wave after the internet of things and wearables will be a converging one: Technology will automatically customise all products and services to the individual customer – with the use of (big) data. Consumers already start to demand a customised approach and companies will have to adapt ‘smart customised strategies’ as soon as possible. Privacy is still an issue, especially for the older generations, but the so-called ‘privacy frontier’ is moving rapidly towards more transparency.

Trust Transition
In a world with an abundance of choice and unlimited information, trust is slowly, but steadily moving away from the ‘formal and institutionalised’ towards the ‘personal and informal’. The p2p economy, sharing economy and open innovation start-up attitude have been thriving in this shift. They are coming of age and are being combined with traditional business models into, potentially, the business models of the future.

Future Morality
The world struggles with the power we have given to laws, rules and numbers to define what is right and wrong. But where to go next? This topic is fueled by the rapid developments in the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence): as the the lines between man and machine are blurring spectacularly: how can we program human ethics in there? 

Generation Z (born from 1998 – now)
Are you ready for the REAL next generation? Move over Millennials, we have heard too much about you for too long. Welcome Gen Z! And yes, they are different. These modest entrepreneurial teens have entered the world of work years ago. Wise beyond their years, they approach the world with a raw and fresh perspective. Understanding the main characteristics of Gen Z will prove to be a wake-up call to any future oriented professional that is interested in the next generation of customers and colleagues.

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