Leading in Challenging Times Webinar Series

Vistage will be providing 2 webinars a month, bring new topics and speakers into the frame. These speakers will be giving timely insights and takeaways for you to use in your professional and personal environment.

Culture in the Current Context 
In business, context makes all the difference. What steps must you take to adapt your business culture to the current business context?

During a time of crisis, corporate culture can make or break an organization. In this presentation, Dr. Gustavo shares evidence of the financial success achieved by companies that focus on culture first. He then identifies the critical culture components – whether your employees are working in-person or remotely – to ensure employees are fully engaged and committed to your culture. Finally, he offers guidance on how to ensure your business culture can adapt to the current business context.

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The current business context is proving to be a business extinction event for those businesses that cannot adapt to the current business environment. Sixty-five million years ago, there was a meteor strike on this planet that created the extinction of the dinosaurs… most of them. Birds, lizards, and frogs are all forms of dinosaurs that existed 65 million years ago. The ones we have with us today, are the ones that could adapt to the changing environment – the changing context. The same is true of businesses today. Our businesses are living in an equivalent time to the T-Rex. Our businesses must adapt or die.

The presentation is data based, science driven, and continuously refined and updated because of the dynamic nature of the current crisis. The program is highly interactive, using Zoom breakout rooms to facilitate in-depth personal discussions.

Value to Participants:
• Understanding the fundamentals of how and why culture drives financial performance
• Identify and apply a critical culture component to ensure success in the current business context
• Receive concrete tactical steps on how to apply that cultural component
• Identify and discuss four components of the current business context that will be influencing our culture for the foreseeable future and guidance on how to adapt your culture to that context.

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