Digital Trends Impacting Business

Over 250 business leaders met in central London to hear Digital Anthropologist Rahaf Harfoush discuss how disruptive technologies such as AI, Predictive Algorithms and Big Data are influencing individuals as citizens and employees. Rahaf focussed both on the broad macro-trends that are driving new consumer and employee norms, as well as practical case studies and examples of how organisations are tackling this new era. 

Today’s leaders must grapple with maintaining their strategic vision during times of disruptive change. The pressure is on to understand the implication of each new technology and platform and what it will mean for the future of their business.

However, too often, the race to keep up with the latest technological advances distract us from the bigger picture: how are these tools changing the way we work and live? We explored the benefits and drawbacks of using these technologies, examining best practices on how to use these tools to make better informed decisions.

Delegates discovered: 

  • Five big trends influencing our behaviours today
  • The risks and opportunities associated with the latest technologies
  • The characteristics of organisations that are well positioned to take advantage of this change
  • Major questions every leader should asking themselves 
  • What are the biggest areas of opportunity for AI?
  • What are some of the biggest blindspots we need to be aware of?
  • Who is thriving in this new reality? Who is struggling?


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Rahaf Harfoush | 27th April 2018 | Leading through Emerging Technology & Digital Culture | Vistage Open Day+


Watch the Key Takeaways