Accountability: The Key to Driving a High Peformance Culture
with Greg Bustin

Over 120 CEOs, MDs, business leaders and executives met at The Lowry Hotel, Manchester to hear International Vistage speaker Greg Bustin present his perspective on accountability. Since 2009, more than 6,000 executives worldwide surveyed by Greg agree “lack of accountability” is a huge problem. What’s the solution? More strategic than a checklist and more comprehensive than a single conversation, the key to driving a high-performance culture starts with your answers to three questions.

Greg interviewed senior leaders at some of the world’s most respected companies in manufacturing, technology, distribution, retail and professional services as well as leaders of small and mid-size firms. He discovered a new way to think about accountability, and his insights form the basis of this workshop and his groundbreaking book ‘Accountability‘, named a Best Business Book by Soundview.

If you missed Greg’s Session or just want to remind yourself of the highlights, take a look at this Key Takeaways video:



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Manchester VOD - 07 April 2017 - Greg Bustin

Delegates in Manchester discovered:

• How successful teams use accountability as a carrot, not a stick.

• Insights into addressing one of your current performance problems.

• An opportunity to assess your firm’s overall performance.

• Three keys for unlocking individual and organisational performance in your firm.


“Greg Bustin connects the intel­lectual component of accountability to the heart and soul of an organisation.”

                        ~ Daniel Pink, New York Times bestselling author of Drive and To Sell Is Human

“Greg Bustin demonstrates with example after example that a culture where accountability is embraced and not feared gives savvy leaders a secret weapon.”

                        ~ Bill Cobb, President and Chief Executive Officer, H&R Block


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