Cracking the Code of Executive Presence

Vistage will be providing 2 webinars a month, bring new topics and speakers into the frame. These speakers will be giving timely insights and takeaways for you to use in your professional and personal environment.

All businesses have a story but at work everyone naturally gravitates toward using logic and statistics because it seems more professional. No matter how compelling your facts are, if your audience isn’t invested in what you are saying, all the info is lost on them. Whether you’re selling your product, sharing your company vision, creating a culture, storytelling is your greatest vehicle for success.

Organisational culture is formed by stories not just strategy and execution as Peter Drucker emphasised in his famous quote, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Life and business happen in the narratives and stories can go where data can’t. Data may persuade but it doesn’t inspire action. To get people to act, to buy, to follow happens when you wrap your vision in a story that sparks the imagination and stirs the soul. Brene Brown said, “Storytelling is data with soul.”

What you will learn: Anatomy of a story and how to structure it masterfully Tools to present your stories in a powerful way Techniques to create instant rapport and have lasting impact Understanding words that inspire action How to paint a picture so your story is remembered Vocal shading Mechanics used by professional storytellers Creating stories that define you as a leader. Being a great storyteller is not enough unless you have speaking skills.

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My goal is to save your audiences from boring presentations and death by power point! There is not a person nor role that would not benefit from learning how to be an effective story teller…from the CEO who wants to be a better leader and inspire action in all areas of the organisation, to the salesperson or marketer trying to articulate a message in any format, to the financial professionals who need to share info in a way that all can comprehend, to human resources who need to create an environment about the company’s most valuable asset…its people!

You will learn the structure of a story, get a template to use over and over for creating speeches, town halls, all hands meetings, keynotes, state of the industry addresses, investor or client presentations and every other opportunity and situation where you need these skills. And finally, how to put it all together virtually or live. Big, bold audacious statement…The Three W’s will change your communication forever!!!

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It’s no surprise that Vistage member companies grow 2.2 times faster than their competition. This is your opportunity to experience first-hand the power of belonging to a CEO peer advisory group.
This session will allow you to experience two of the three core elements of Vistage membership. You will hear from world-class speaker Mikki Williams, with her workshop “Cracking the Code of Executive Presence Webinar” – Followed by an ‘Issue Processing’ session, which showcases the impact of a peer group.
Vistage is a unique way of gaining insight, challenge and inspiration from peer founders and business leaders. Gain perspective, advance your leadership and begin to push your business performance to the next level at this event.
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