Belfast Vistage Executive Summit

Join over 100 CEOs, MDs and senior business leaders in a one day workshop with a world class Vistage speaker where you will get the chance to meet and network with Vistage members and business leaders from around the UK.

Mark Pollock
Leadership & Motivation

Uncertainty and change typify a crisis and it’s difficult to lead in such circumstances. By providing your people with insights into the resilience, attitude and decisions of others facing extreme circumstances you will help them to develop the intrinsic motivation to move forward. Mark Pollock’s keynote on leadership and motivation delivers deep insights for leaders to navigate through the crucible moments they face and lead others to achieve more.

Dr Tharaka Gunarathne
Live Your Life on Purpose

Utilising his professional insight into the human mind, health, interpersonal behaviour and principles of business psychology, Tharaka helps ambitious leaders optimise their life, both in and out of the workplace, and move toward two great outcomes – maximised performance and deeper fulfilment in life.

This session will give leaders time away from the office to pause, think, reflect and strategise; to intentionally invest in themselves and uncover a clearer sense of purpose, priority and drive – both in their professional and personal lives. The ultimate outcome: better execution, better results.

Event Fees

This event is free to Vistage members.
Colleagues of Vistage members: £99 +VAT
Vistage alumni: £150 +VAT
Vistage guests: £195 +VAT

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