This very special event is a great opportunity for Vistage Members to share some of Marcus Child and David Thomas’ positive motivational messages with younger members of their families and the families of their colleagues (between the ages of 11 to 22).

Young Vistage is a highly interactive full day workshop that harnesses the power of positive thinking in order to align goals and increase self confidence as well as supply some great tools and techniques to improve memory.

Marcus Child has a remarkable and uplifting impact on those who see him speak. This workshop is a participative and energising with practical take-aways and memorable examples of theory in practice and will examine energisers…nourishers, drainers and looking forward.

Marcus will help attendees:

– Visualise their future
– Use tools to achieve their goals
– Have a positive attitude
– Understand the principles of success
– Have coping tools to handle stress
– Exude energy in the most difficult situations

“Marcus is a one -off. I don’t know what drives him – but if he could bottle it and sell it he would make a fortune. I never come away from a session with Marcus feeling anything other than invigorated and inspired. If I could summon up just 10% of the zest for life that Marcus brings to his work I would be tearing up trees as a gentle morning workout.”

Chris Hughes, Vistage Chair

David Thomas’ credibility in memory is unquestionable and when mixed with his humorous and contagious side his talks are an experience like none other. 

David will work with delegates to unleash the power of the memory to give refreshed and increased confidence when facing exams. This interactive workshop includes learning simple, easy to use techniques that will have a real impact on performance covering Speed Reading, Mind Mapping and Memory Skills. 

David will show attendees:

– Why we read the way we do with the significant problems of low concentration, speed and retention.
– How Mind Mapping works with the neurology of the brain to control information and ideas.
– Techniques to memorise lists, names, numbers, foreign languages, all types of information.

“As an International Memory Grandmaster his achievements are awesome. While, as a speaker, he successfully mixes humility and humor to captivate, educate and amaze his audiences. Everybody who is serious about their success should move mountains to hear him.”

Steve Pipe, Chairman, AVN and an International Author


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