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Stephen Brown

Europrojects Recruitment

Stephen Brown

Managing Director, EuroProjects Recruitment

Vistage has helped us to recognise what we need to put in place to sustainably grow our business for the next 20 years.

“Vistage has helped us to recognise what we need to put in place to sustainably grow our business for the next 20 years.”

Stephen Brown

Managing Director, EuroProjects Recruitment

Euro Projects Recruitment was founded by Stephen Brown 20 years ago, initially as an engineering consultancy firm. With a unique background in finding and hiring skilled people, Stephen saw a gap in the market for a specialist recruitment firm.   

In its early days, Euro Projects grew incredibly quickly, expanding its services to not only recruit engineers but also technical staff, management staff and more. Having established a position in the recruitment market, keeping business growth consistent was a challenge for Stephen. “Like a lot of businesses that had gone through a very rapid growth phase, we hit a plateau.”

Having initially met Vistage Chair, Adam Harris, at a business event, Stephen sampled a Vistage Peer Advisory group and found the strategies and ideas presented were just what he was looking for.

“I don’t think I’m unique in saying I’m fairly impatient. When I see what good looks like, I want it for my company immediately. That’s where Vistage really works as when you set your sights on something, they’ll help you identify where the roadblocks could be.” As a Vistage member, Stephen gets immense value out of his peer group, sharing ideas and helping his other group members to think clearly, in a confidential secure setting.

As well as his monthly peer group meetings, Stephen has also found Vistage events around the UK to be a great source of inspiration and challenge. Each event brings together hundreds of business leaders and a keynote speaker, allowing for effective networking as well as an opportunity to invite colleagues.

“It’s not just me as a leader who has seen the benefits, they have been felt at every level in the Company in our efficiencies, our culture and how we run. Really, our whole business is an advocate of Vistage!”

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