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Robert Bloxham

ORB Branding


Rob Bloxham

Managing Director, ORB

Vistage is more like a family, we see each other every month and you actually get to know each other a lot better

“Vistage is more like a family, we see each other every month and you actually get to know each other a lot better”

Rob Bloxham

Managing Director, ORB

ORB is a brand agency based in central Birmingham that works with SMEs. Orb uses visual thinking to create brands that are memorable and reflect a company’s values. Robert became a Vistage member in January 2016.

Robert Bloxham founded ORB in 2004, born out of frustration of working for larger corporate marketing agencies where the ability to make changes was often slow and laborious.

“Orb grew quite organically for the first few years. I worked as a consultant with clients on an individual basis, but it grew to a point where I knew I needed a team around me to compete at the top of our space.”

With Robert’s skillset focusing primarily on creating effective brands, it became clear that other aspects of running a business didn’t come quite as naturally and some external support was needed. “Creating a great culture, corporate governance, contracts all of these things were alien to me. Vistage really helped me to get a grip on the strategic side of the business, helping me to continually grow and work on the business rather than getting bogged down in the business.”

Robert was initially referred to Vistage by another member. “I spoke about the problems I was facing and he said straight away, it sounds like you need Vistage! Robert met with his now Vistage Chair, Alan Cook, to discuss membership and was reassured that he wasn’t the only one facing the same challenges and opportunities for growth. “When we discuss issues, there can be problems I have been thinking about for weeks that get sorted in an hour, that’s where I find the most value in Vistage.”

As well as finding a professional network that offer fresh ideas and support, Vistage has also fostered new social friendships for Robert. “I’m good friends with the people in my group and getting to meet up with each other every month, as well as at the annual retreat means you actually go deeper, you really know each others business ambitions and personal goals.”

Now two years into his Vistage membership, Robert is excited for what the future holds for Orb. “Vistage is relatively life changing; as a business owner it’s changed my leadership style and my visibility and understanding of our customers. We want to be the business that owns the mid-market space for branding. We love that space and we are continuing to open lots of doors in that area.”

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