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Turning Point Podcast

Join us as we speak to real business leaders about the challenges they have overcome in their personal and business careers.

Turning Point is a podcast series from Vistage UK and Ireland, focussing on some of the key issues that impact UK business leaders and owners.

This first series will explore significant, but widely shared moments where leadership may encounter setback, frustration or difficulty, and the turning point that allowed them to move on, develop and continue to grow.

Hosted by Matthew Griffiths, a Vistage Chair and business mentor who in this first series will be speaking to successful Vistage Members, Chairs and Speakers about how they faced real challenges in order to succeed.

The first episode will be live on Tuesday 21st January with new episodes following each Tuesday on a fortnightly basis.

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We’re kicking off 2020 with something new, offering you the opportunity to hear from inspiring leaders about the turning points they’ve faced in their careers and the lessons they’ve learnt along the way!

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