Executive Coaching

Vistage helps CEOs and business leaders grow their businesses, improve team engagement and effectiveness, become more resourceful and discover the leader within. In fact Vistage members are more confident and more successful in growing the organisations than other UK businesses.

We give you your own non-exec board and a fully qualified Chairman – we give you a board of directors that work for you and your business.

How it works
- 10-16 CEOs and business leaders share a forum we call peer-to-peer groups
- Once a month you get a whole day to on the business and not in the business
- Discuss and debate real business issues in total confidence, and in a supportive and non-

judgmental environment
- Facilitation is by your executive coach, themselves a successful business leader
- One-to-one coaching, face-to-face from your Chair every month
- Access to a member knowledge centre
- Regular expert speakers on every subject imaginable
- Free events to attend all year round – you can even invite colleagues as guests
- A group you can share issues and concerns with in confidence

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