Chris Jennings

Want to hear "Yes!" from your prospects instead of "I'll think it over"? If you and your staff are tired of pushy, worn-out sales tactics that no longer work, then Chris Jennings' informative talk is for you. The owner of nationally-acclaimed Sandler Training, based in Irvine, California, Chris frees you from wasting time and energy on unqualified prospects who cannot or will not see the benefits of your product or service and shows how to target clients who really do want to buy. His relaxed style and keen awareness of almost any sales situation helps you pinpoint mistakes you're making and shift to techniques that work. You'll learn how to break through voicemails and get to the real decision-maker, avoid giving endless discounts and rewriting proposals, and boldly ask for referrals without feeling pushy. Best of all, you'll learn how to use Sandler's unique, systematic approach to sales that combines smart questioning, psychology and NLP with a true concern for your clients.

If you're a CEO who's tired of hearing excuses from your sales staff or a program chair whose audience are business owners and sales people struggling to grow their business, this talk will open the door to cutting-edge alternatives that boost sales and break records. You'll leave this eye-opening presentation with an innovative, alternative approach to sales, knowing why Sandler Training's motto is: "Don’t stop until the miracle happens... Your best sales years are ahead of you!”