dale robinette

Dale Robinette is a globally recognized business advisor with a proven track record transforming businesses ranging from small start-ups to large Fortune 100 companies. He has held a wide variety of leadership positions including Sales, Product Development, General Management and CEO.
Dale has spent the majority of career in the technology sector, but has a wide range of knowledge across multiple industries. He built a $100M Medical Disposable Device business in one year. He founded a Durable Medical Equipment company. He is the founder of the world’s leading Satellite products and services website.

Dale’s success is directly related to his ability to transform teams in fast-paced environments into high performing units. With a clear vision and a strong common desire to win, while celebrating the small successes along with way, this culture is addictive and outsiders envy and wonder how this could be achieved.

He has created a high profile business advisory service with companies at varying stages of development in addition to working with 30 CEO’s as a Vistage Best Practice Chair in San Diego.