Dwight Frindt

“What does it require from a leader to create team member focus, collaboration, and effective action particularly in times of externalities that create tremendous stress?” Such questions have driven Dwight’s passion, his personal growth, and his philosophy as a trusted advisor. Dwight’s work is enriched by his role as a Group Chair for Vistage International, Inc., the world’s leading executive membership organization. Since 1994, Dwight has facilitated three groups of CEOs and senior executives for Vistage. Starting in 2009 he added 3 groups of fellow Chairs which he facilitates as their Best Practice Chair. In 2016 he received the prestigious Don Cope
Award as the Chair who best exemplifies enthusiasm and dedication to his members and the Vistage concept and values.

In addition to his work with Vistage, He and his wife, Suzanne Mayo Frindt, who was also a Vistage Chair & Speaker for 18 years, founded their firm, 2130 Partners, in 1990 to deliver leadership development education. Between his work with 2130 and Vistage, Dwight has facilitated more than 1,200 days of workshops and meetings, and has logged more than 15,000 hours of executive leadership coaching. Dwight has also co-authored a book with his wife and Vistage Chair Emeritus Suzanne Frindt, called “Accelerate: High Leverage Leadership for Today’s World.”

In addition to his extensive experience in the for-profit world, Dwight has also worked as a volunteer for many years in the non-profit sector. He has been and continues to be an Investor Activist for The Hunger Project since 1977. Dwight and Suzanne produced leadership workshops in partnership with Chirapaq in 2008 and 2011 for indigenous leaders from across Peru and 11 Latin American countries. In 2010 their work in the field of leadership expanded to China where he participated in the launch of The World Academy for the Future of Women at the SIAS International University. Prior to his life as a leadership expert, Dwight held executive positions on

the operating side of business for over 20 years.

Dwight earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.A. in Geology from Northwestern University as an expression of his continuing commitment to appreciating his diverse clients’ growth and development requirements. Dwight and Suzanne became ordained interfaith ministers in 2005. He resides in Kirkland, WA and works mostly up and down the West Coast.