Randy Klein

Randy Klein is a project management expert, certified quality manager, and licensed professional engineer with 30 years of consulting and management experience.  Mr. Klein developed a project management seminar for universities in Utah, Wisconsin, Colorado, and commercial re-sellers.  He has also instructed university credit courses in project management.  Having worked for both large and small businesses, he currently offers project/program management, quality assurance, and organizational improvement services comprised of consulting, mentoring, workshops, and custom training courses.Companies conduct a variety of projects every year, some with excellent outcomes, but far too many of them do not achieve the intended results, cost more or take longer than intended, or are simply abandoned.  Projects that are not well conceived and managed, and therefore go awry, are a drain on productivity, organizational effectiveness, and profits.  Mr. Klein has trained and mentored hundreds of employees in the financial, technical, and human aspects of project initiation, planning, execution, control, and closeout.  Regarding human aspects, he believes project managers must be proficient at estimating how long it takes their best employees to compete tasks; knowing which employees need training or re-assignment; which employees are ultimately not capable of producing desired results; which tasks should be outsourced; where opportunities lie for continuous improvement; and whether or not the intended improvement has been achieved.  He focuses on:  detailed project initiation and planning steps that set the stage for success before you begin a project; quality assurance to maintain high quality deliverables; communicating with stakeholders; staying on top of budgets, schedules, and scope issues; and related topics such as controlling and protecting your valuable electronic documents.
Randy graduated magna cum laude from the University of Michigan College of Engineering, then earned his MS degree from Utah State University.  His career includes many examples of preparing detailed technical and cost proposals; designing and implementing project approaches; supervising technical staff members and younger project managers; leading interdisciplinary teams; and meeting corporate and customer quality objectives.  He has extensive experience providing services to industrial customers, other consulting firms, US Air Force, US Army, and other federal, state, and local government agencies.
To contact Randy you may call (801) 451-7872 or send an e-mail to projects@streamlineut.com.