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Agility is King!

We used to say that, “cash is king”.  Not any more.  Agility is king and cash is just a way of keeping score!

Organizational agility — the ability to deal with rapidly changing circumstances while out-executing the competition and stakeholder expectations — is the core differentiator of businesses these days, whether they are competitors or not. It differentiates the winners from the losers, the victors from the victims and the first from the worst. It determines which organizations survive and thrive, and which don’t. It sorts the best from the rest, separating those businesses which are accelerating their growth, leveraging their value and beating their competition, from those which aren’t.

Agility has always been a determining factor of sustained business success, among many others, but now it is becoming the bottom-line differentiator, between the rubber and the roadFor executives, agility is the core differentiator of managers, executives and CEOs from their peers. Team agility is the core differentiator of functions, departments or business units from their peers, as those that seem to execute more proficiently, adaptively and dependably in a team context. Organizational agility is the core differentiator of businesses from their peers. The trouble is that, outside of the domains of IT and software, organizational agility isn’t well understood.

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  1. Nick Adams

    October 18, 2012 at 8:54 am

    Great article Mike…So true!

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