A Game-Changing Mission: Patrick Clark of REIG [Podcast]

“We view ourselves as game-changers in the marketplace to have our company be a vehicle for change,” says Patrick Clark, CEO and owner of REIG, a real estate investment and construction firm.

Game-Changing MissionREIG has enabled Patrick, a former Marine, to give back in meaningful ways. He spearheaded Operation: Renovation, a charitable endeavor that renovates homes for military families. The San Marcos-based company also donates a portion of proceeds to Wounded Warrior Homes, which provides transitional housing for discharged men and women.

Values have always driven Patrick and his firm.  In fact, the company’s tenets are built right into its four-letter acronym, which stands for: Revitalizing Communities, Elevating Expectations, Integrity First, Gratitude Always.

Patrick, a Vistage member since 2013, knows that he must provide clear direction for his team to succeed, as leadership is judged by his team’s performance.  He even adopted Benjamin Zander’s mantra as his own: Who am I being that my player’s eyes are not shining.

Patrick also understands the value of teamwork, and says that he can’t be a one-man show.  And a lot of good can come by letting employees chip in.  In REIG’s case, a simple idea box—and one staffer chiming in—sparked the Operation: Renovation project.

Hear more about Patrick and his remarkable mission here.

REIG acquires distressed residential real estate, renovates those homes to exceptional standards, and sells them to new homeowners looking for high quality remodeled homes. You can learn more about REIG at https://reigrenovations.com. Learn more about Operation Renovation at https://www.reigoperationrenovation.com/.




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