From peer advantage to agility advantage

Yesterday I chaired a “SWAT-Team” meeting for one of my Vistage/TEC CEO members and his management team.

Three members of his Vistage/TEC CEO Group (which I chair) and I convened  in between our regular monthly peer group meeting because their business is at a pivotal fork in the road on a shifting landscape. They need to work through the complexity of how best to navigate a migratory path forwards.

It’s always great to see the pleasantly surprised look of shock on the faces of the member’s team when they experience the trust, transparency and teamwork which ensues from the peer group members. As a result of the meeting, they began to hatch a game-changing plan in support of an agile future. Peer advantage became agility advantage. I talk more about this in the video below.

In the book, the authors lay out the spectrum from peer influence (where the majority of teams play) to peer advantage (where only a minority of teams play).

I love importing the process of peer groups into organizations and teams, helping CEOs, Executives and managers tap into the power of peer-advantage with the kind of safety and accountability we are able to achieve in Vistage/TEC Groups. It’s so fulfilling to open their eyes to the power of interacting with each other at whole different levels, as the source of a transformation to a new level of teamwork. Participants get a glimpse of what it is like to process complex issues, challenges, problems and opportunities in a powerful peer group process, which creates a deep shared sense of trust, transparency & teamwork from which agile resolutions emerge.

It becomes a benchmark for the team-agility environment participants aspire to create with their team for agile high-performance-teamwork. It’s essential for organizational agility as teams are the building blocks of organizations and enterprise-agility. Peer-advantage becomes agility-advantage. Read more

Learn more about The Power of Peers.

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