Is Groundhog Day Stuck in Your View-Master®?

Is Groundhog Day stuck in my View-Master? What’s she talking about?

Well, Groundhog Day is certainly a big day for the groundhog – the day he chooses to return to his hole or stay above ground, his decision based solely on whether or not he sees his shadow.

Groundhog Day is also the name of one of my favorite movies. The character Bill Murray plays, Phil, is forced to live Groundhog Day again and again until he makes choices that are in alignment with who he truly is and what he truly wants to create in his life.

The View-Master was one of my favorite childhood toys. With the press of a button I could view a series of pictures by inserting a slide wheel into the binocular-style viewer. In my books and workshops, I use the View-Master as a visual aid to show that the way I perceive reality is like viewing the world through my View-Master and that what I put in my View-Master creates my focus and what I focus on creates my reality.

Are you experiencing your life and work through the groundhog’s View-Master?  Do you believe you have limited choices dictated by forces outside of your control?  Do you want to crawl into a hole? Are you focused on just staying above ground? Surviving? Getting through this?  Are your choices rooted in fear?

Or are you aware of the sea of choices you could make? Are you focused on thriving? Making a difference, enjoying your life and work, and being richly rewarded?

Are you experiencing your life and work through Phil’s View-Master? Are you living each day as you did yesterday? Living in the past? Creating what you tolerate?  Trying to figure out what you should do and second guessing your choices?  Being the busiest person in the poorhouse?

Or are you thinking differently, powerfully, creatively, expansively? Experiencing the joy and aliveness of creating the next version of your highest vision of yourself?

Are your slides working for you or working against you? How do you know?

And what about the rest of your organization? What’s in their View-Master?

What if you could take out the old slides and stop re-acting your past? What if you could take out the slides that are rooted in fear?

What if you could put new slides in your View-Master? Slides that could help you stop wasting time, energy, and money and start creating the highest vision of yourself – as individuals and organizations — happy, healthy, engaged, productive, creative, inspired, impactful, AND prosperous.

You have that power. We all do. There’s no rule that says any slide is permanent.  We have the ability to create anything we can imagine.

It is time to think differently, think powerfully.  It’s time to wonder what’s possible and create it.

When we practice self-awareness and Managing Thought®, remarkable things start to happen. Our goals pop out. They’re not forced, motivated, or rooted in fear. They are crystal clear and focused on what matters.

We find ourselves completely in touch with our creativity and highest awareness. We know what to do next and how to do it.

Our actions are inspired. And it’s when we are inspired that we experience profound change. Not 10% kind of change. Profound change. Meaningful change.  Significant results.

And there is no stopping us.

What’s in your View-Master?

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Mary J. Lore is a mentor to corporate leaders, multiple award winning author, keynote speaker, and founder of Managing Thought, LLC. In her career, she has served as a CPA, a crisis management and business turnaround expert, and an entrepreneur. Hailed by business leaders around the world, her multiple award-winning book Managing Thought: Think Differently. Think Powerfully. Achieve New Levels of Success and audio book Managing Thought: How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World? not only change the way you think about success—they change the way you think, period. With a groundbreaking approach to harnessing mental power, Mary helps individuals and organizations turn counter-productive thinking into inspired action and significant results. If you’d like to take Mary’s 52-week online course in self-awareness, go to www.MindfulnessMonday.com   Mary serves as an expert resource for Vistage, served as a Chair from 2002 – 2010, and was a member during the 1990s. Visit Mary at www.managingthought.com and www.maryjlore.com.

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  1. Charlie

    February 6, 2013 at 10:06 am

    Great post. Who knew Phil could teach us to Think differently indeed. I always try to get my clients to think outside the box. it’s human nature to sometimes fall into a rut, but you can’t make progress if you keep doing things the same way just because they worked in the past.

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