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Grow from a position of strength [video]

“Growth is counterintuitive.” – Bob Berk

We all have a starting point. We all want something more.
Vistage Chair and speaker Bob Berk shared compelling real-world examples to demonstrate a critical principle of growth: no pain, no gain. While business leaders may envision growth as a straight line, the opposite is in fact true. Progress is much more aptly represented by a J curve.

Bob explained, people will not change, until the pain of staying where they are at is greater than the pain of change itself. It is the responsibility of the leader to have the vision that moves their organization forward. A leader must decide to embrace the boldly counterintuitive nature of growth, and must be of such credibility, their team will rally in support. When President John F. Kennedy said he was going to put a man on the moon, he did not yet know how it would be done.

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About the Author: Bob Berk

Bob Berk is a Vistage Chair and a Vistage speaker. He was President and CEO of Milgram-Kagan, the largest independent retail shoe chain in the US in the mid 80's.
Bob has been a consultant on Leadership development and has led strategic …

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