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Be a Rebel!!! Going UNTRADITIONAL: Social Media 102

“Traditional marketing will get you traditional results. Untraditional marketing will get you untraditional results.”

And in 2012, untraditional marketing means moving your spend from standard print or web practices into social media. That means getting on LinkedIn. That means getting on Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus — plus, it means making sure these logos are used prominently on all your marketing and sales materials.

After all, you have to let your consumers know that you’re integrated into the same networking channels that they are.

In this follow up to his recent video, Social Media 101: Social Media and YouTube, sales coach Chuck Bauer outlines the details you need to know before you take the next step in your social media marketing campaign. He also describes the benefits to your sales and marketing strategy you’re likely to see by doing so.

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With more than twenty years in sales and communications-related fields, speaking and coaching, and following two vice president positions with two Dallas-based corporations, Chuck Bauer offers innovative and distinctive business insight to businesses globally. Visit his website at

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While working for an international corporation, Chuck learned from the best of the best. He soon began training other business professionals and eventually became a featured speaker for the first 24-hour television network devoted to persona…

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  1. Good points, Chuck! It’s important to be out there on as many platforms as possible. You have to be working to make connections!

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