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Budge Husky CEO of Coldwell Banker on Using Innovation to Connect with Customers

Budge Huskey, CEO of Coldwell Banker, one of the country’s most prestigious real estate franchises, discusses how innovation has played a major role in the 107 year old company, and how technology has personalized the home-buying experience. Huskey describes how although the real estate industry has lagged behind other industries regarding strategy adoption, Coldwell Banker was innovative in standards of practice and would always aim to elevate the professionalism in its industry. He recalls that Coldwell Banker was the first national brand to establish a website in the 1990s and the first site that allowed people to view houses for sale online. They additionally were the first to create and release mobile apps to the public and have established a strong prescene on their YouTube channel.

Huskey admits the company has been harnessing the power of video for their marketing strategy far before the creation of YouTube. Coldwell Banker entered the luxury housing market as the economy was just coming out of the Great Depression. In 1933, Founder Henderson Talbot knew he had to go above and beyond to market to the affluent. He created Coldwell Banker Previews International, and combined cinematic techniqies and advertising savvy to redefine the luxury real estate marketing. Using the era’s most advanced technology they were able to film in the homes for sale, and held exclusive gatherings in his Madison Avenue office for potential buyers to view the homes through a cinematic experience. This paved the way for real estate companies to invest in video to sell homes to all markets, all over the world.  Hear the rest of Huskey’s insights and watch this latest episode on demand now.

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