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David Archibald of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars North America on Corporate Culture

David Archibald, President of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars North America describes the brand’s culture as a family, encompassing not only their employees but their customers as well. Archibald explains the root of their corporate culture comes from the associates who work at the company’s headquarters in Goodwood, England. There you will find over 800 craftsmen who are passionate about the brand and come to work wanting to do the absolute best they can. Archibald says you can easily see that in the finished product, from the hand-stitched top quality leather, to the finely-crafted details on the vehicle. Rolls-Royce also strongly believes in rewarding their dedicated team, with experiences such as an anticipated Family Day event each year.

When addressing the customers as the other part of the “Rolls-Royce Family”, Archibald talks about always giving their customers a true Rolls-Royce experience, in every step of the ownership process.  The positive experience and exceptional service begins once a car is commissioned, through delivery, and continues to when the customer becomes the owner for the first time.

Despite the brand’s notoriety for innovative technology, the company still uses leather, veneer, and handmade materials to outfit their cars. In addition, the brand does not participate in market research but turns to their customers for feedback and recommendations when producing new products. The Series 2 Phantom is a perfect example of this, for their loyal customers recommended many of the car’s new and refreshed features.

Rolls-Royce culture is purely experiential, and strives to deliver a product and maintain customer relationships that are second to none. Archibald says the Rolls-Royce family may have high expectations, but the company will always aim to meet, and exceed them. Access this week’s episode available on demand now.

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