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President of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars N. America on Aligning Innovation with Your Brand

President of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars North America, David Archibald shares his insights on the importance of aligning product innovation with the tone and look of your brand. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is a 170 year old brand that continues to push the envelope of providing exceptional luxury though the construction and performance of their vehicles. Archibald explains, although technology advancements have been made that promote automation, Rolls-Royce chooses to have handmade elements inside all of their cars.

Archibald speaks to the company’s latest product, the Phantom Series II that encapsulates a new level of luxury, trumping its predecessor the Series I. Ten years after their first Series I model, Rolls-Royce carefully calculated adding on technological advancements, while balancing their company’s heritage. Standard features include adaptive LED headlights, that adjust dependant on your speed or direction the car is going, an industry first. Further additions include a multi dimensional, almost 3D-like navigation system, and a tourist mode that allows the car to give a 45-60 minute presentation on the city you’re new to, while you tour the major sites, all in the back of a brand new Rolls-Royce car.

When asked about what the future holds for luxury brands, Archibald explains that companies must not forget the heritage of the brand, and refer back to its mandate, mission, and tone. He believes for Rolls-Royce, it is about satisfying the customer experience, something he says has driven innovation for the company, and will continue to use as motivation for bringing the best in luxury. Watch the latest CEO Show episode on demand now!

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