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Rafael Pastor of Vistage International on CEOs of the Future

In an ever-changing economy, the future of the business landscape is critical to CEOs growing their company. For an expert’s insight into what the future holds, look no further than Chairman and CEO Rafael Pastor of Vistage International, an organization committed to fostering leadership, innovation, excelling in professionally-facilitated peer advisory experiences that help CEOs and business owners.

Referring to a recent Vistage CEO Confidence Index survey, Pastor describes the heightened confidence of American business leaders in the future of the economy, and explains the definite change in small and medium-sized business owners.  When the index participants were asked which economy they felt would be the most improved in the next 3 years, 49% of respondents answered the United States. Pastor feels the American Dream is still very alive and relevant in today’s society, and he believes the majority of American business leaders agree. Rafael can relate to such a dream as he himself came to America at the young age of 9, and with hard work, dedication, and an unrelenting drive, he went on to be recognized as an accomplished and influential leader in business.  Pastor notes that despite all the risk in Europe, and growing uncertainty in the world, current and future CEOs are driven to be innovative leaders, wiling to take risks, and strive to be a step ahead of the competition. He also touches on how small businesses account for more than 50% of the United States’ GDP, and make up more than 75% of the country’s workforce, showing the entrepreneurial force that is emerging in America.

With Rafael’s outlook looking bright, Americans can expect current and future business leaders to continue making a splash in the American and international market. Share and learn from Rafael Pastor on this week’s episode of The CEO TV Show available on demand here.

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