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The Best of CEO TV: Transformative CEOs of America

Transformative CEOs are exceptional leaders, who have unique abilities to build businesses, create jobs, and succeed in the face of adversity. Among the ranks is Peter Cuneo, Turnaround CEO of Marvel, Shelly Lazarus, Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather, and George Halvorson, Chairman & CEO of Kaiser Permanente.

Peter Cuneo was recruited to rescue the struggling Marvel, and knew product expansion was essential in saving the company. Incurring more than $250 million in debt after emerging out of bankruptcy, Cuneo developed a licensing strategy to generate the much-needed cash to keep the company afloat. This success rippled into the comic book industry, the video game industry, and retail industry. Two years after Cuneo was placed at the helm, Marvel was back in the black.

Shelly Lazarus of the iconic Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency realized the sudden shift in how consumers viewed brands. Years ago, customers only cared about how a brand marketed their product or service. Today, successful brands are the ones with excellent marketing strategy and also are involved in philanthropy, social awareness, and giving back to the community. With this shift in mind, Lazarus emphasizes to clients that when marketing a brand, there should be a dimension of social responsibility planned, using philanthropy to drive strategy.

George Halvorson has long identified a growing disconnect between the cost of healthcare, and the services provided.  He saw a need for packaged solutions that can streamline the cost of care to the thousands of Americans that are stricken with multiple ailments. Only when such solutions are implemented, he believes, can health care be affordable, something Kaiser Permanente continues to capitalize on.

From re-vitalizing a company to re-inventing an industry these three innovative leaders were able to defy the status quo and achieve success. Share and learn from these Transformative CEOs on this week’s episode of The CEO TV Show available on demand here.

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