How Quickly Can You Adapt?

This week on The CEO TV Show we asked our guest, Panasonic CEO Joe Taylor what his thoughts on innovation are.

“To me innovation is adapting to the marketplace and the demands of the marketplace.” Joe responded. “We can call it something fancy, but it’s how quickly can you adapt. That’s what innovation means to me.”

I asked Joe about the dramatic changes Panasonic has seen when it comes to adapting.

“It’s changed profoundly from the days of the industrial revolution to today, from a three year design cycle to a three month design cycle. Technology was always created to solve a specific problem. But today, technology far exceeds the capability even for us to think of the ways that we can use it. The world of engineering has now become a world of creativity.”

“So you’re seeing a merge of creativity and engineering?” I asked Joe.

“It’s almost as if artists and engineers are coming together. At least successful companies are seeing artists and poets come together as engineers. It’s a remarkable change.”

Joe Taylor, CEO of Panasonic went on to tell me about Panasonic’s plans for the future of technology as they celebrate their 100th  anniversary. View our video interview and find out what Panasonic is creating as they adapt to the future.

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