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Your Digital Evolution: Are you ready for what AI is doing to business?

Tech is advancing at an alarming velocity and exponential rate, causing the world to change faster. The problem: there is a disconnect between what businesses need and what tech can do.

When the ground you stand on is constantly shifting, your strategy must keep your business poised to outsmart overnight disruption. Strategy is no longer about protecting the core.

It’s a game of survival of the fittest: those who excel in Digital Evolution will be the winners.

This webinar will cover the following:

  • What is Digital Evolution?
  • What Does Your Digital Evolution look like
  • Where is the AI going
  • How to take advantage of AI regardless of how ready you are
  • 2 successful case studies

About the presenter

Somayeh Aghnia (Co-Founder and CEO of Geeks)

Bio: A technology strategist with a strong software delivery heritage, Somayeh thrives on creating harmony between technology and humans in business and life. She has won multiple wards for innovation, entrepreneurship, and business partnerships. She is also an advocate of more girls in technology and on the board.

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