Vistage exclusive events provide members, Chairs and guests with the opportunity to come together outside their groups and access the experience, wisdom, and insights of their business peers.

These events heighten your Vistage experience and provide actionable takeaways which can be used immediately to keep you and your company moving forward.

upcoming events calendar

Tharaka Gunarathne – Live Your Life On Purpose Webinar

Dr Tharaka delivers high-energy, engaging training on three key areas: He helping MD’s, C-Suite Leaders and Entrepreneurs develop high performance thinking patterns, emotional intelligence, a refreshed sense of purpose, improved work-rest symbiosis, strategic goal setting, enhanced communication skills and stronger team cohesion.

Roger Martin-Fagg and Joe Galvin - Economic Update and Research

This workshop will enable participants to more accurately assess the risks and opportunities for themselves and their business in the foreseeable future. The latest data on the UK, the EU, the USA, and Asia will be shared as required and forecasts of all the key indicators.

Mikki Williams – Cracking the Code of Executive Presence Webinar

You will learn the structure of a story, get a template to use over and over for creating speeches, town halls, all hands meetings, keynotes, state of the industry addresses, investor or client presentations and every other opportunity and situation where you need these skills.

David Abbott – The Psychology of Pricing Webinar

If you’ve ever struggled with knowing what to charge, then it’s time to get to grips with the science and psychology of pricing. David will introduce you to a range of ideas on pricing decisions, and you will come away with action plans to increase your prices which can be implemented quickly and easily, and with almost no cost.

Virtual Executive Summit

The CEO Journey: People and Culture: To bring timely, actionable data and insights, the Vistage Executive Summit will be presented as live, online Virtual Sessions with keynote speakers.