Chief Executive Programme

For your most critical decisions.

There’s a lot riding on your decisions. The Vistage Chief Executive Programme is designed to help you make more effective decisions that lead to powerful results. At the core, a confidential advisory group of peers helps you focus on what’s most critical. Led by an accomplished business leader, this unbiased group will help you solve problems and uncover opportunities.

Designed for the challenges of Chief Executives.


You don’t have the right people to run ideas by or troubleshoot with. Other stakeholders and colleagues may have competing agendas and you can’t seem to get clean, clear, unbiased advice.


The Vistage CE peer advisory group is made up of 12-18 other local business leaders from non-competing industries. Many of them have stood where you’re standing now, providing you with invaluable insight, knowledge, feedback and 100% confidentiality. Their only agenda is to help each other succeed.


You want to improve your current workplace culture and your ability to keep and attract top talent.


Learn best practices on building an empowered, engaged, results-driven team. Find and fix blind spots to advance your leadership ability and workplace culture.


You want to grow your business in smart strategic ways, but aren’t sure you have the right processes in place for optimum results.


Access models of success, diverse perspectives and expert advice for thoughtfully planning your long-term strategy without sacrificing current business performance.

What Members say

Ian Beardsmore

Managing Director, Advanex Europe

Vistage does give you that alternative to talk to someone with a business mind, outside of the business you’re in which is a huge benefit

“Vistage does give you that alternative to talk to someone with a business mind, outside of the business you’re in which is a huge benefit”

Ian Beardsmore

Managing Director, Advanex Europe

Andy Biggs

CEO of Traidcraft

I’ve learnt so much but everything in Vistage is action centric. Not just, intellectual, business school stuff.

The Chief Executive Programme Overview

  1. 12 full-day peer advisory board meetings per year
  2. 12 one-to-one sessions with a private executive coach
  3. Up to 8 speaker workshops by subject matter experts
  4. 24/7 access to a global community of 45,000+ business leaders who face similar challenges, issues and opportunities

How Vistage works

Confidential peer advisory groups

Private executive coaching

World-class speakers and events

Specialised networks and communities

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