Angelo Falcone

Dr. Angelo Falcone is the Founder of Dignity Integrative Health and Wellness, which focuses on a holistic approach to maximizing health span and longevity. For the 25 years prior to founding Dignity Integrative, Dr. Falcone treated tens of thousands of patients as an emergency physician practicing in a variety of practice settings as part of a multistate emergency medicine partnership. In 2016 he became a founding board member of US Acute Care Solutions, now the largest physician partnership in the acute care space treating 10 million patients per year at over 500 hospitals across the U.S. Realizing the impact of chronic disease on his patients, Dr. Falcone went “back to school” to complete a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine in San Diego. He is a 19-year Vistage member.