Douglas Hileman

Douglas Hileman helps clients achieve value from sustainability as it applies to their business.  He helps clients with strategies, program improvements, performance metrics, business processes, training, and auditing.  He has worked for global, multi-billion dollar companies for most of his career, and excels at bringing leading practices to smaller, growing companies.  He recognized a special need for companies facing increased scrutiny (including audits) from many parties, and the increasingly dramatic consequences of sub-par performance on these “compliance requirements” imposed by many parties.  He pioneered an innovative approach to audit readiness to help companies prepare for these important reviews, and to identify and achieve business value in the process.Doug draws from 35 years of experience in many aspects of operations, compliance, business strategy, and financial and non-financial reporting.  He has been president of his own firm for over five years, working with global and regional clients, and at all levels of the organization.  He frequently co-sources engagements with clients - an innovative, cost-effective way to deliver services and provide coaching and training at the same time.  He worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers for six years, supporting financial audit, internal audit, governance and compliance, and investigation projects.  He helped develop, review, and audit compliance with systems and controls for Sarbanes-Oxley, and for accounting rules that affected traditionally non-financial areas.  Doug’s career began with nine years in industry, including in research & development, and in operations at a chemical plant, and developing and implementing compliance programs for then-new environmental and safety regulations.  Doug’s unique combination of experience in operations, R&D, corporate, consultancy, accounting, and entrepreneurship are invaluable in understanding the enterprise-wide context and impact of key issues affecting clients.
Doug is a Certified Risk Management Assurance professional, Certified Professional Environmental Auditor, Qualified Environmental Professional, and Professional Engineer.  He is active in the Institute of Internal Auditors.  He has taught at UCLA Extension and UC Irvine Extension.  See more at or his profile on Linked In.