Heather Anderson

Heather Anderson has been a Vistage speaker and Vistage Chair for 20 years. She followed in the footsteps of her father who is a Vistage Chair Emeritus having served in Vistage for 25 years. She believes wholeheartedly in the purpose and power of Vistage primarily because she has witnessed for almost 40 years the profound impact that better leaders can have on businesses, families and communities.
When she is not Chairing her groups, she is speaking on the topic of Emotional Intelligence. She stumbled into the field of Emotional Intelligence as a result of being an Outward Bound Instructor in Colorado in the early 1990’s. She noticed that surviving in the wilderness went way beyond technical mountaineering skills. The students who thrived in that stressful environment had critical Emotional Intelligence skills. She started actively teaching Emotional Intelligence on her courses. She brought her EQ programs to Fidelity Investments, GE and eventually Vistage. She teaches Vistage members how to access their critical EQ skills to thrive in their complex and often stressful businesses environments.