Klyn Elsbury

Klyn Elsbury is a 2x author, business owner, sales expert, and advocate. Inspired by her daily battle living with cystic fibrosis and diabetes, Klyn has dedicated her life to empowering high achievers through negotiation and sales strategies.

Klyn’s career trajectory, initially aiming for law and later education, shifted towards a deep fascination with negotiation after her 20th hospitalization, profoundly influenced by her parents’ adept negotiation skills. In 2019, Klyn made a significant career move, authoring her second book on sales and negotiation and establishing MK Foundation. Driven to inspire high achievers seeking more from life, Klyn embarked on an extensive tour, impacting 86 cities this year, with plans for 72 cities in 2024. Her mission revolves around reshaping the perception of sales and showcasing its potential for positive transformations in various sectors, solidifying the belief that a single negotiation can elevate business, life, and purpose, even in challenging times.