Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor is a retired CEO that founded several companies: one became the 58th fastest growing company in the State (which he sold in 2005) and a high-tech internet startup that raised $20 million & went public in 2007. As a Vistage Master Chair and Best Practice Chair, Mark facilitates eight Vistage groups of 100 CEOs and business leaders from diverse industries in NYC. He was recognized as one of the top twenty performing Chairs in the country (with the STAR Award) for the past seven years.  In 2016, he was honored with the Pat Hyndman Award, which is “given to the Vistage Chair who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in service of Vistage and given unselfish and immeasurable service.” He is a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach, a Certified Working Genius Facilitator, Tribal Leadership Trainer, holds a Bachelor’s in Science degree, an MBA, a Masters in Leadership, and five coaching certifications. Mark is the author of the Leadership Field Manual: Exercises & Tools for Executing Culture Change. Forbes highlighted his TEDx talk. Learn more about Mark at