Asset protection for crypto and other assets in a post-COVID world

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Just as we have insurance on our houses and cars, a strong asset protection plan is the best insurance to protect our assets. With asset values changing rapidly for real estate, stocks, and cash, in addition to new asset classes like cryptocurrency, the post-COVID environment requires a carefully crafted strategy to shield individuals and business owners from lawsuits and provide you and your family with peace of mind before trouble ever strikes.

Employers have been facing a slew of workplace-related lawsuits due to the coronavirus pandemic, on top of the typical high-level of risk associated with owning a business. Additionally, business leaders today are diversifying their portfolio in new and unique ways, from changing regulations and broadened acceptance of cryptocurrency worldwide, to rapid developments in interest and potential inflation rates. Taking the time to revisit your strategies for protecting these asset classes can benefit your financial well-being for the years to come.

This presentation demonstrates on how Asset Protection strategies can provide business owners of any size legal and ethical ways to safeguard their wealth in existing and emerging categories. Learn how a comprehensive plan, regardless of asset type, can protect what you have worked so hard for today and into the future.

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asset protection speaker headshotHillel L. Presser, Esq., MBA | Managing Partner, Attorney at Law

Hillel L. Presser, Esq. represents individuals and businesses in connection with the establishment of comprehensive asset protection plans that incorporate both domestic and international components. In addition to helping to rewrite Asset Protection Laws, Hillel has represented some of today’s most well-known business owners, doctors, celebrities, and professional athletes. Hillel Presser has been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines and has authored several books and articles on Asset Protection including Asset Protection Secrets (Revised Edition), and Financial Self –Defense, just to name a few. Hillel Presser graduated from the School of Management at Syracuse University and obtained his law degree from Nova Southeastern University where he was awarded the “Book Award” for the highest academic achievement in business entities and corporations. He completed his Masters in Marketing at Lynn University. He also served as an Adjunct Faculty Member (Law) at Lynn University.

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