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Trends report: 6 strategy considerations for a new world

Join business strategist and Vistage speaker Marc Emmer and Vistage Chief Research Officer Joe Galvin as they discuss trends that will impact how businesses rebuild post-pandemic. Their conversation includes looking at the winners and the losers in the reshuffling of the economy, changes in consumer behavior, economic factors impacting investment decisions, trends in automation, implications of U.S. debt, and the impact of virtual work — not just on employees but on customers as well.

Leaders will come away with actions to help them be successful in this phase of recovery and tips on how to best adjust their strategy for success.

Jump to some of the key points in Marc’s presentation:

About the presenter

Marc Emmer is president of Optimize Inc., a California-based management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning. Marc founded his firm in 2002 and has helped over 140 companies craft their business strategies. His second book, “Momentum: How Companies Decide What to do Next,” was covered online by Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, NBC and CBS. He has delivered over 300 Vistage talks and is a regular contributor to the Vistage Research Center, and

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About the Author: Marc Emmer

Marc Emmer is President of Optimize Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning. Emmer is a sixteen-year Vistage member and a Vistage speaker. The release of his second book, “Momentum, Ho

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