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The Future of Work in America [report]

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Change was always coming to the modern workplace. The events of 2020 just accelerated it.

In March, shortly after COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, the world experienced 15 years of behavioral change in 30 days. This was immediately apparent in the workplace: Business travel stopped. Meetings moved to Zoom. Businesses ramped up their technology spend. Remote work became the norm.

Although the change was jarring, it also brought some unexpected benefits. As companies sent employees home, people gained flexibility in where they worked and when. As day-to-day work went digital, businesses found leaner, meaner ways to get things done. As commute times were replaced with constructive work hours, productivity increased. As competitors struggled to adapt, companies found new opportunities for growth.

As business activity increases, a new workplace is starting to emerge. But many questions still remain. To find answers, Vistage Research and Optimize Inc. recently teamed up to compile the latest data and thinking on workplace trends in 2020 and beyond. This report explores considerations for reopening the office safely, making strategic technology investments, reimagining culture, improving work performance and communicating effectively with teams. We also share best practices from CEOs who have kept their companies steady through tumultuous times.

The future remains uncertain. Companies that can adapt quickly to whatever comes next will find themselves in an ideal position. They will build the kind of workplace that pushes competitors out and brings talent in.

“The Future of Work in America” provides CEOs and business owners with important insights as they plan for the year ahead.

Download The Future of Work in America Report

future of work report

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