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Business trends for 2024 and beyond

On Demand: Vistage speaker and strategy expert Marc Emmer shares the highlight of business trends for 2024 and beyond. Download the slides

Entering 2024, small and midsize businesses are again facing heightened uncertainty fueled by global conflicts, environmental impacts, emerging technologies and the prospects of an economic slowdown.

To help CEOs make informed decisions based on these challenges, Vistage speaker and strategy expert Marc Emmer updates small and midsize businesses (SMBs) on business trends for 2024 in four key areas and shares how CEOs and business owners can leverage such insights for a competitive advantage:

Part 1: Ecological trends for 2024 and beyond

Ecological Trends for 2024 The increasing frequency and magnitude of large-scale weather events cannot be ignored. The ever-changing weather conditions are literally the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the financial impact and human toll of climate change. Learn about the sustainability trends the U.S. government and companies are investing in to meet green energy goals. Read more

Part 2: Technology trends for 2024 and beyond

As we look forward to 2024, our technology narrative is largely consumed by AI, but we must remember that AI is only a component of a broader digital revolution that includes blockchain, quantum computing, nanotechnology, synthetic biology, robotics, 3D printing, AR/VR, and other emerging innovations.AI is driving the technology narrative but remember that AI is only part of a broader digital revolution. Take a deep dive into tech trends ranging from blockchain to quantum computing, nanotechnology, robotics and more driving change in 2024. Read more

Part 3: Economic trends for 2024 and beyond

Some are wondering: Have we already entered a long-term debt cycle revolving around a wage-price spiral, persistent inflation and higher bond yields? Others question whether the recession is really canceled. Here’s a look at the economic predictions for 2024. Read more

Part 4: Social trends for 2024 and beyond

Here’s a non-political viewpoint on the social issues facing business leaders today and impacting business in 2024. Read more

About the presenter

marc emmerMarc Emmer is an author, speaker and consultant recognized as a thought leader throughout North America as an expert in strategy & strategic planning. The release of Marc’s second book, Momentum: How Companies Decide What to Do Next, was covered online by Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, CBS and NBC. Marc is a frequent contributor to the Vistage Research Center, and

Optimize has an impressive client list including public companies such as Starbucks, CBRE, Rio Tinto, Justice (stores), Klipsch and over 80 Vistage members. Marc has worked in a diverse range of industries including financial services, health care, technology and energy. Marc has also served as an advisor to several serial entrepreneurs and has served on numerous for-profit and nonprofit boards.

Marc is also an accomplished speaker, having delivered over 400 keynotes for organizations such as the Association for Corporate Growth, Vistage, Allinial Global and the National Coaches and Mentors Association. His weekly strategy blog is received by over two thousand senior executives.


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