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Indra Nooyi on future-proofing for long-term success

When taking over a company, many CEOs tend to focus on short-term goals, or as Former PepsiCo CEO and Chairman Indra Nooyi puts it: “a strategy that makes them look good.” 

But when she took over the multinational food, snack and beverage company, Nooyi focused on her strategy on something different. “We’re a large-cap company,” she said. “We provide jobs to a quarter of a million people, livelihoods to their families, and all the suppliers and the ecosystems that support PepsiCo.”

Nooyi realized that in order to sustain that ecosystem, PepsiCo had to continue thriving long after her tenure. So she came up with a new strategy: “future-proofing” the company.

In this clip, Nooyi explains why “future-proofing” is essential for creating long-term sustainable growth for your organization.


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