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Four areas of leadership that will optimise your performance

Floyd Woodrow’s CV is certainly impressive. After four years with the Parachute Regiment he spent 23 years with the Special Air Service, working his way right up through the ranks. His forces career culminated in a stint as Head of the UKSF Counter Terrorist Wing before he set up his own business in 2008. 

Since then he’s run a number of companies including Chrysalis Worldwide: an organisation specialising in values-based performance optimisation. It’s this topic that he’ll be focusing on in his Vistage event on November 8th – and we caught up with him ahead of the event to find out what attendees can expect. 

It all starts with leadership

We asked Floyd what most businesses are doing wrong when it comes to performance optimisation. “The most important thing is the direction you’re going in”, he says. “I would always say that the fundamental success of any group is going to be about what I call your ‘super North Star’: where you’re going, the direction of travel, a clear and unambiguous statement of intent”. 

Floyd also stresses the importance of having a clear strategy that’s understood by everybody and that is communicated well. “Without this”, he says, “your team won’t be aligned, and nobody will know what they need to get to where you want to be”. 

Your business’ values, behaviours and code of conduct also have a part to play: being sure that your team is working well together and that the environment is right. 

The final thing that leaders need, says Lloyd, is to be warriors. “This is about your ability to think under pressure”, he explains. “It’s about mental, physical, social and emotional resilience. That’s not about being big and tough. It’s about having the right strategies in place to perform well”. 

Of course, it’s your whole team that needs to be on board. One big responsibility for business leaders is to give clarity of direction with a clear strategy to bring the team together and align behind. 

In his Vistage event, Floyd will describe his Compass for Life model and how it can help.

The Compass for Life model

Floyd’s Compass for Life model is based on the four cardinals of the compass, and a map. On this compass, the North pointer, as he explained, is about your super North Star – where you want to be. The South cardinal is about your ability to have a clear strategy. 

“The East cardinal is about your ethos – the kind of person you want to be”, he adds. “And the West cardinal is all about resilience. If you get those four points in equilibrium, you’ll be difficult to beat – even on your worst day”. 

Why tune in to Floyd’s event?

Floyd’s Vistage session is perfect for any team management or leadership role who wants to move forward. Importantly, it will give attendees tangible resources that they can take away and apply straightaway. 

“You’ll walk away with a clear map and a clear compass to move you in the right direction”, Floyd says. “You’ll be able to visualise that journey – through life or through business – as an elite performer”. 

Sign up for Floyd’s webinar here. 


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