KPIs and the 4 core decisions to increase profits

What every CEO needs to know to make data-driven decisions that impact performance and profitability

Most CEOs use some kind of KPIs and management reports to measure their business, but which ones really help you make data-driven decisions that impact performance and profitability?

Vistage member and CPA Stephen King shares the four decisions every CEO needs to make, how to determine the drivers of those decisions and what data you need at your fingertips to make data-driven decisions that increase profits.

He’ll share 30 years of experience of helping businesses improve performance, profitability and growth by having actionable financial intelligence.

In this webinar, you will learn the four decisions that have the biggest impact on profit. Stephen will take you on a journey inside the mind of a strategic CEO and help you:

  • Learn the four decisions you need to make to increase profits
  • Figure out what the drivers of your decisions are
  • Learn what data and KPIs you need to have at your fingertips
  • Develop your own KPI scorecard to improve management performance and accountability

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About the Author: Stephen King

Stephen King, CPA CGMA, is president and CEO of GrowthForce, a market leader in the client accounting services industry, providing cloud-based bookkeeping, accounting and controller services for service businesses and nonprofits.

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