Our Leadership Motive: Adjust it and watch your teams thrive

Sometimes as leaders we can fail at achieving optimal organizational health consisting of clarity, alignment, and productivity. This can stem from one’s motivation for becoming a leader. In this webinar, we unpack some principles to adjust our approach to leadership as laid out in Patrick Lencioni’s book The Motive.

We also take a deeper dive into a few of those principles, sharing the successful techniques that Insperity’s Aaron Wergeland has used when having difficult conversations, developing the leadership team, and running great team meetings. Doing so will help your teams thrive!

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About the Speaker

Aaron Wergeland, a leader with 20+ years of experience working with small businesses and large corporations in information technology within various industries including medical, oil & gas, and HR services. Most of this time was spent as a software developer, but now Aaron’s passion is coaching and mentoring other leaders to increase their leadership through personal growth while connecting it to their daily work. Aaron is also helping teams increase their relationship intelligence by facilitating Core Strengths Workshops.

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