Are your decisions based in love or fear?

This is Valentine’s Day, a day we pause and think about love.

Usually, we think about people we love, yet love affects more than our relationships. Because when it comes down to it, everything we choose to think, say, or do is rooted in either love or fear. Everything. So let’s take a moment to think about our thoughts and the decisions and actions that follow.

Our decisions in business to (and how to) lead, follow, motivate, participate, compete, market, sell, hire, fire, save, spend, attack, defend, invest, report, communicate, train, merge, divest, evaluate, reflect, analyze, unite or divide … arise from a thought of love or fear.

How we choose to think and act when it comes to industry, politics, finance, war, peace, and the education and parenting of our children is based on either love or fear.

Who, and how, we choose to be in any situation, in any relationship, in any moment, is based on either love or fear, and we have a choice on which one to select.

Love creates, expands, radiates, opens up, receives, includes, shares, soothes and heals.  Fear contracts, constricts, closes down, forces, excludes, hoards, covets, irritates and harms.

It is up to us to choose.

When we choose fear, we are choosing to be ruled by our brains, and without awareness, we are choosing thoughts and actions of fight, flight, or freeze. We are choosing to survive.

When we choose love, we are choosing to thrive. We are choosing thoughts and actions that align with who we truly are, who we truly can be, and what we truly want, as individuals, organizations, and nations.

When we choose love, we are inspired. And it is when we are inspired that we are in touch with our true nature. When we are inspired, we are creative, expansive, energized, happy and at peace. It is when we are inspired that our souls sing. It is when we are inspired that we achieve significant results.

So as you make your next decision, take your next action, take note — are you rooted in love? Are you inspired? Or are you coming from fear? Are you in alignment with who you truly are, what you truly can be? Or not?

How could you choose love?

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