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Going from conflict to collaboration [video podcast]

Conflict and collaboration are not so far apart when it comes to achieving common ground. The roots of collaboration can be found in one’s approach to finding compromise amid conflict. Each person’s unique worldview contributes not only to friction but to also to the ultimate desired outcome.

Watch this Vistage podcast and explore how careful analysis of one another’s worldview can produce new perspectives and initiate positive change.

 Susan Steinbrecher and Dave Nelsen discuss how the very elements that cause conflict can be channeled into constructive collaboration.

Taking emotions into account

Steinbrecher’s focus is on the emotional intelligence of each party in the conflict. Learning how to deal with conflict, rather than avoiding it, is crucial. Resolving conflicts in the workplace takes negotiation skills, patience, and a healthy dose of understanding of the emotions each party brings to the engagement.  When a heartfelt and sincere desire to meet and collaborate is engaged, more often than not, it can make the difference between positive and negative outcomes.

The human element

It is also important to understand how the human element shows up at work. All human beings want to be respected, listened to and valued. These three universal needs are the key to authentic communication. Yet, these needs are often overlooked in the workplace. Many types of problems result when the needs for self-esteem and meaning are not valued or are even thwarted.


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