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What the heck is EOS? (The Entrepreneurial Operating System)

Maybe you have never heard of EOS, you’re wondering why business owners love it so much or you’ve read “Traction” by Gino Wickman.

EOS is a set of simple, real world, practical tools that will help you and your leadership team get what you want from your business.

In this webinar, we’ll walk through how EOS works, as well as why it’s so powerful for entrepreneurs at any stage of growth. You will take away some ideas and tools that you can implement in your business straight away. Speaker: Somayeh Aghnia (Co-Founder and CEO of Geeks)

About the presenters 

Jason Green: Having implemented EOS in his business, Jason has first-hand experience of the benefits of running a business with EOS® and the challenges of running one without it.

With over 20 years of experience being an entrepreneur and working in executive leadership teams. Jason understands how it feels when your business is stuck, you’ve hit a ceiling, you’re frustrated with your people, your leadership team isn’t working, and you’re not making enough profit.

Brandon Harris

I am an experienced entrepreneur who has faced the same challenges that you face every day. My personal experience includes food, engineering, publishing and health & fitness industries. Having started, operated and sold multiple businesses over 30 years. My greatest success has been the development of people in my teams who now own and operate many of these successful businesses.

Having used EOS myself, I’ll help you see your business in a whole new light and show you how to execute using a set of simple tools and principles to identify root causes before they become problems, place the right people in the right seats, and align every employee toward the same goals.

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