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Increasing every team’s effectiveness [podcast]

Watch the video podcast Emergenetics: Increasing Every Team’s Effectiveness


Erin Peereboom is the Vistage Breakout Speaker of the Year for 2017. In this video podcast, Erin talks with Vistage speaker and member Dave Nelsen about how our individual personal traits help define us as big-picture thinkers or detail-driven achievers in the workplace. Erin unpacks how simply acknowledging the different approaches to projects and goals can go a long way toward achieving common ground and a solid pathway to efficient workflow management.

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About the Author: Erin Peereboom

Since 2012 Erin Peereboom has been using her in-depth knowledge and understanding of people’s thinking and behavioral strengths to simplify human interaction. Her work—leveraging the Emergenetics Profile—helps individuals and organization

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