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4 tips for retaining top performers through change

There’s no getting around it: Change — and change management — is hard. At best, it’s uncomfortable. At worst – especially for your employees – change can be scary.

Whether it’s an existing team member or someone who’s new to the mix, mergers, acquisitions, restructuring or culture changes move people out of their comfort zone. 

So, how can you alleviate their fears and keep your top performers committed and engaged during times of change?

No matter the change or challenge your company is facing, your business’s success rests largely on your ability to retain your best employees. Here are four simple things you can do to keep your team on board.

1. Minimize fear of the unknown

The last thing people want is to be left in the dark about what’s going on. If your employees are unsure of the changes that are to come and hear gossip through the grapevine, they might be tempted to abandon ship early on. Give them a sense of security and let them know your plans ahead of time.

2. Turn naysayers into believers

Not everyone will be receptive to change. But just because someone starts out that way, it doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. Continue to sell your idea and spread positivity. If people still have objections, meet with them to discuss their concerns. Consider that they know your company from an entirely different perspective. Because of this, they may spot an issue that you haven’t detected yet.

3. Help them understand why change is good

Be sure to tell everyone what the benefits are and what’s in it for them. How will this change positively impact their current position? Vocalize why change is good for the company and get specific. Once they understand your reasoning, they may be more willing to get on board and buy in.

4. Cultivate futuristic thinkers

What’s the end game? As you begin to make changes, let your employees know how these changes will affect the future of the company. And more importantly, how will it shape everyone’s future within your company? Creating a mindset that fosters visionaries is a positive step toward cultivating an internal team of ambassadors for change.

While you undergo change, it’s essential that you continue to keep communication open with employees. Listen to them, ask questions and give them honest answers. The trick to retaining your top performers is keeping them informed, engaged and optimistic about the future. 

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