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Human Capital’s Role in Creating Value

How do you leverage human capital to maximize the perceived value of an organization?
Watch this webinar by Chelsea Wood: Human Capital’s Role in Creating Value

Every organization reaches a point in its lifecycle where it’s time to reinvent/renew or dissolve, a step often leading either to being sold or growing through acquisition. Because this growth is an inevitable step in the business lifecycle, it is critical to recognize that human capital directly impacts the overall perceived value of every organization. This webinar will focus on the critical success factors to evaluate and/or focus on to maximize the value of your business.

Much like the concept of buying or selling a house, there’s a list of “things” that can either add or subtract value from your home. Our goal is to provide concrete examples that Vistage members can take with them as part of their knowledge base and apply it through a new lens when preparing to sell their businesses or looking at potential acquisitions.

About the presenter: Chelsea Wood is a Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor and Human Capital Consultant with Insperity. For nearly 15 years, Chelsea has partnered with leadership teams to identify and address their unique business challenges related to operational performance, strategy, business development, and human capital. Prior to joining the team, she managed new growth initiatives, such as mergers, acquisitions and other strategic partnerships, for a multi-state integrated health delivery system. Chelsea has a Green Belt, Six Sigma Certification and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Southern Illinois University. Her Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from The Chicago School.

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